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Toronto Art-House Filmmakers

Babel is a collection of Toronto filmmakers and visual artists. Our intent is to explore the emerging aesthetics of video media and the complex social issues that concern its members: diversity, immigration, poverty, race, sexuality.

As a community of artists we support each other in our expressions and goals, but stand by the autonomy and isolated vision of the artist. Art, as we see it, presents a subjective reality as an objective occurrence and because of this it is often the only way to escape the inner isolation exacerbated by the present age.

Partly, this collective also celebrates Toronto. Not because we have our hands on the pulse of the city’s identity, but from the insight that the city need not conceive its own personage, nor construct its own mythos. Our collective embraces Toronto as a continuum of ideas, colours and peoples. Any attempt to constrain or identify its essence, beyond a finite geo-political region, is beyond our concern.

If you’d like to get involved with the collective or visit our exhibitions, please contact us below. 

Eleven Dreams

Anthology Film |  Fall 2014

Eleven Dreams is an anthology film of shorts directed by emerging artists from the Greater Toronto Area.

We wake-up in a sweat. Our mind chasing a fading memory of a dream, a nightmare, a visage of our inner chaos found emboldened by the perpetuity of our drive to create. To create narratives.

Curated by filmmaker Ruffaelle Antimano, eleven artists were charged either to explore their idiolectic semantics of the word “dream” or to manifest an arresting dream or nightmare within the limitation of one minute.


Anthology Film | Spring 2015

Sub is Babel Collective’s second short film anthology.

Underground: feelings, thoughts. Hidden: subterranean, marginal.

Curated by visual artist Giselle Mira Diaz, this anthology explores what’s clandestine. Each artist attempts to crack into the complexity of subcultures, subways and sub-identities.

Regent Park Installation

And Workshop |  Fall 2015

Commissioned for the 13th Annual Regent Park Film Festival, this video installation premiered in front of 400 people during the closing ceremonies.

Combining photographs and interviews of the residence of Regent Park, along with the area’s textures, patterns, and soundscapes, Babel Collective presented a plethora of quick-spark perspectives of Toronto’s most complex neighbourhood.

In conjunction to the installation we also ran a free and open workshop on collaborative filmmaking.

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